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3D - Mammography

When it comes to Mammography, Less is More

Bay Ridge Medical Imaging is the first in Brooklyn to offer low dose 3D mammograms,using SenoClaire, GE Healthcare's Digital Breast Tomosynthesis or 3D mammography.
The versatile imaging technology provides mammograms with high resolution, low radiation and excellent detection for all patients, but particularly those with dense breast tissue, resulting in a more confident screening and diagnostic breast exam. Studies have shown that tomosynthesis can reduce recall rates by up to 30%.

SenoClaire ™ is the only FDA approved 3D breast tomosynthesis that delivers the same low dose radiation as 2D screenings, with a 3D view radiation dose at least 40 percent lower than other 3D mammography on the market. While other facilities moved quickly to introduce first-generation technology, we waited until we could provide patients with the latest and safest in digital breast tomosynthesis with the lowest dose.

SenoClaire ™ is also the only FDA-approved digital breast tomosynthesis to use a “stop-and-shoot” method, a short X-ray sweep around the positioned breast, to acquire exposures. Since the tube comes to a complete stop when capturing each exposure, this technique removes potential motion from the tube and helps reduce blur and increase image sharpness. This decreases the need for repeat imaging.

Tomosynthesis at Bay Ridge Medical Imaging- the gold standard in 3D mammography with low-dose radiation and the perfect combination of high tech and high touch for our patients.