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SPECT/CT is designed to take away the ambiguity of nuclear medicine by acquiring and fusing both functional and anatomical imaging with high resolution detectors and innovative CT, similar to the concept of PET/CT.

For Cardiology, we can improve patient experience and image quality in half the time or at half the dose compared to conventional full-dose image quality. In addition, the CT portion can enable accurate Calcium Scoring analysis and reporting. A single CT scan can be used for attenuation correction of both rest and stress SPECT studies, helping reduce patient dose and improving diagnostic confidence.

For Orthopedics, this technology allows for shorter scan times and reduced injected dose while preserving image quality. The CT can reveal the finest anatomic details more efficiently and help localize disorders and has applications in oncologic imaging and infection imaging as well as in the imaging of back pain.

For Endocrinology, this technology is sure to revolutionize standard imaging with the addition of anatomic details to accurately characterize metastatic thyroid cancer and distinguishing parathyroid vs. thyroid nodules.