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  • The day prior to the scan you should eat a non carbohydrate dinner (no pasta, rice, potatoes or breads). Avoid all foods containing sugar or sugar substitutes including fruits. In addition please avoid cheeses, milk, butter and yogurt.
  • There is no eating or drinking except water for 6 hours prior to your exam because it could interfere with the results. This includes chewing gum and hard candy. If you need to take medications within 6 hours prior to your exam, drink enough water to swallow them.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours prior to your exam (this includes long distance walking and bicycling).
  • If you are diabetic, let us know when scheduling.
Recommended Foods
Eggs                                                  Salmon
Steak                                                 Tuna or canned Tuna fish
Chicken                                            Swordfish   
Pork                                                  Whitefish
Just about all meat and fish are carbohydrate free. Do not eat processed meats, hot dogs and liver.
Alfalfa Sprouts                                Cucumber                               Turnips
Asparagus                                        Eggplant                                 Zucchini
Bamboo Shoots                              Lettuce                                   Radishes
Broccoli                                           Mushroom                              Olives
Cauliflower                                     Sauerkraut
Celery                                              Spinach
Collard Greens                             
Other Approved Food Items
Olive Oil                                         Black Coffee
Vinegar                                           Plain Tea
Chicken Broth